Season 2 Trailer: Things Learned in 2017 and a Preview of 2018

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Today we’re taking a sneak peek into 2018 and Season 2 of the podcast! My goal is to provide a space for every mother to share her story freely, because EVERY story is worthy of being told. In the first 14 episodes, we have heard incredible stories from extremely brave women who shared the tough experiences in becoming a mom, especially when that journey didn’t look the way they expected it to look. We’ve covered topics from infertility to adoption to loss to finding sperm donors---all because women have chosen to be open and vulnerable.

I have to say thanks to each guest and each listener who have made the podcast possible. Your feelings and experiences are welcomed and validated here in this safe space. I can't wait to see what Season 2 has in store!

Sometimes you have days where everyone “just survived” the day. The kids got fed and made it to bed and everyone is still alive—and that’s OK.
— Sarah Aschkenas

Show Highlights:

Three Things I Learned from Messy Roads in 2017:

  • How much bravery it takes to tell your story
  • To remember to be quiet, be the listener, and give people space when they share
  • The beauty of stepping outside my comfort zone

Three Changes Coming to Messy Roads in 2018:

  • We are becoming the “Messy Roads OF Motherhood,” giving a wider content area about all aspects of motherhood
  • I am starting a blog portion for another platform in sharing stories
  • I will be sharing some of my own Messy Roads along the way

Three Ways YOU Can Get Involved with Messy Roads in 2018:


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