Season 2 Episode 14: NICU Mom to a "Micro-Preemie" with Aisha Williams

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We have so much to celebrate this week on the Messy Roads Podcast, and I have an incredible story to tell you today. My guest is Aisha Williams and she is happy to be here because her son just graduated from the NICU last week! After giving birth to her son at only 23 weeks, Aisha found herself facing impossible odds. Her son is what we might call a “micro-preemie.” He only weighed 1 lb. 11 oz.! Despite the short odds, this little guy was a fighter, and he is on his way to a normal, happy life. 

Today, Aisha is going to share all the ups and downs and challenges of giving birth so early. Any NICU mom will understand how difficult it can be to navigate the tubes and incubators just to get to your child. Even if your baby was not born premature, Aisha has so much to share about motherhood, perseverance and facing difficult situations. She will share how showing her son positivity, strength and resilience enabled her family to handle the difficult days of their NICU stay. She has so much hope and some practical advice to give any mom, but her hope is that NICU moms will be encouraged by her story.  

Everything I envisioned about motherhood was shattered.
— Aisha Williams

Show Highlights:

  • Aisha shares all about the early days of her pregnancy, including a strange clue to an unexpected pregnancy! 
  • All about when the pregnancy took an unexpected turn. 
  • Even though he was born so early, Aisha remembered the joy of hearing him cry for the first time. 
  • How to cope with the statistics. 
  • Aisha’s son beating the odds! 
  • Aisha’s NICU hacks! 
  • Some of the theories about why Aisha’s pregnancy was so difficult. 
  • How Aisha handled the distance and monetary concerns from the Hospital. 
  • What donating to non-profit organizations actually means. 
  • A typical day in the life of a micro-preemie. 
  • What Aisha would say to others experiencing prematurity. 

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I am a 29 year old wife and the mother of a micro preemie as well as a fifth-year high school English teacher. A native of North Carolina, I relocated to the Greater Houston area back in 2015 for greater opportunities within my field. I have been fortunate enough to travel to various countries around the world including parts of Eastern Europe and Japan for fun and lastly China; where I taught 24 classes of 50 students each for an entire month. At present, I’m teaching English as a Second Language and English Language Arts at George Ranch High School of Lamar CISD.


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