Season 2 Episode 11: Single Moms and Money with Aisha Taylor

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Single Moms have a lot on their shoulders and many unique needs to be met. They need a support system, someone who understands just what they are going through. This is why I am so excited to have Aisha Taylor on the show today. Aisha is the CEO of FNPhenomenal Financial Planning, and also a single mom. Aisha is on a mission to help empower single moms with their finances, rather than feel overwhelmed and unsupported. She knows that single women have unique financial needs, so she has developed a place where they can turn for support. Aisha found herself in a similar situation when she found out she was pregnant with twins, and today she is going to share her amazing story. 

Before focusing her financial planning efforts on single moms, Aisha had a heart for helping single women manage their finances. As a woman of faith, she uses Biblical principles to help single women live within their means and take the steps needed to leave a legacy behind them. Before Aisha reached this realization, however, she had to fight some not so uncommon battles. Shame, guilt, fear, and comparison all crept into her life as she realized she would soon be a mom. Rather than let these negative feelings rule her, Aisha learned how to give herself grace and shift her mindset about her situation. 

This episode will be perfect for single moms who need encouragement and advice about what to do when the unexpected happens. Aisha is so full of grace and strength, and you will be so inspired after hearing her story.

I had to stop thinking about what was happening to me, but focus instead on what was happening for me.
— Aisha Taylor

Show Highlights:

  • Aisha shares why she is passionate about the financial world for single moms. 
  • Finding her purpose was a huge leap of faith for Aisha. 
  • After becoming pregnant with twins as a single mom, Aisha knew she needed to use her Financial Planning training, especially for single moms. 
  • What it was like to be a new mom and an entrepreneur. 
  • Battling the fear around being a single mom and wanting stability.
  • How having supportive friends made all the difference. 
  • Shame was an obstacle that Aisha overcame in her work. 
  • How Aisha made the transition from shame to owning her identity. 
  • How our expectations for motherhood need to match our reality. 
  • Giving yourself grace! 
  • What changes after pregnancy. 
  • Financial advice for new moms, as well as Aisha’s best tools. 
  • Being a single mom helped Aisha advance her platform. 
  • Single moms can do amazing things! Aisha’s encouragement for you. 
  • Tools for figuring out childcare!.

Aisha's Favorites: 

  • Naps
  • Reading with a cup of coffee
  • Listening to audiobooks 
  • The Walking Dead
  • Game of Thrones

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More about Aisha:

Aisha Taylor is the Founder & CEO of FNPhenomenal (Frugal –n- Phenomenal) a company that financially empowers single mothers. Through her work with FNPhenomenal she helps single moms thrive financially and live phenomenally using Biblical principles to teach money management, self-care, and the importance of building a legacy for their family. Aisha’s practical, transparent, down-to-earth, and motivational style leaves women inspired and also empowered to make lasting changes in their lives.

As a single mom of twins, Aisha understands the challenges of being a single mom raising two children and still pursuing her own purpose. Despite those challenges she remains a hands-on mom as well as an entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, author, and coach. She is determined to show her children as well as single moms around the world that it is possible to be a great mom and an amazing woman who is committed to making a difference in the world. 


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