Season 2 Episode 09: Overcoming Infertility, Prematurity, and Medical Complications with Krissy Mulligan

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A lot of moms go into planning for pregnancy with a great big master plan. As we often say on this show, those plans rarely pan out. Life has a way of making our road to motherhood less of a highway and more of a winding mountain pass. Luckily, when moms are supported by their families, doctors, and spouses, these roadblocks and setbacks are more than manageable. Krissy Mulligan was one of those fortunate women, and she is thankful every day that she managed to conceive her sweet son, Flynn, even after major medical problems. 

Krissy and her husband started “dating” in 7th grade and married young. Their heart was set on 3 kids, but after Krissy found out she had PCOS, they knew that might not happen. PCOS is a condition where a cysts form on a woman’s reproductive organs. This results in irregular menstrual cycles and often infertility. Undaunted by the prognosis, Krissy and her team of medical professionals started on different medications, shots, and fertility treatments to give Krissy the best chance at conception. After getting pregnant, Krissy assumed everything else would be smooth sailing. Instead, her road took another sharp turn into uncertainty. 

Today, Krissy shares about the wild four days between delivering her son at 28 weeks, getting discharged, and then suffering a stroke. She feels incredibly lucky to be alive, but Krissy knows that it might be risky to have more kids. This means Krissy’s idea of motherhood is shifting, and she has to make lifestyle changes to keep herself healthy. I am thankful Krissy is on the show today to share advice for moms of NICU babies and moms with pregnancy-related health complications. Her outlook is optimistic, but her wisdom is incredibly practical. You definitely do not want to miss out on this week’s episode!  

It is so easy to become obsessed with your cycle when you are struggling to get pregnant.
— Krissy Mulligan

Show Highlights:

  • Krissy always had a master plan, but she had to learn quickly that life rarely happens like we want it to. 
  • Learn why PCOS makes it difficult to become pregnant. 
  • Krissy shares the many different types of medication and therapies she went through in order to get pregnant.
  • Becoming obsessed about your cycle when struggling with infertility. 
  • Krissy's worry after becoming pregnant. 
  • Chatting about the glucose test at the 28-week appointment. 
  • After unexpected lab results, Krissy found out she was going to deliver early. 
  • The survival rate for Krissy's preemie baby.
  • Krissy had a scary threat to her own health after delivery.  
  • What life is like after a stroke. 
  • How to connect with a baby in the NICU 
  • How Krissy was treated differently as a mom in the NICU. 
  • Dinner deliveries and the support from friends and family that made Krissy feel the most loved.

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