Season 2 Episode 08: How to Love Yourself Better with Sarah Argenal

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How can we love ourselves better? It’s not a question that many moms ask themselves, but it is absolutely essential. When we take the time to love ourselves, we have even more to give to our children, our jobs, and our spouses. I can already hear the objections rising, so I have my guest, Sarah Argenal here with me to give you practical steps you can take towards self-care. Today’s show is a rebroadcast of the Love Life, Love Better Facebook Live that Sarah and I did in February. It was an incredibly helpful conversation that I think everyone will enjoy!

I am delighted to have Sarah back on the show because she is absolutely full of practical wisdom when it comes to balancing your life. She knows that we are all incredibly busy and living full, hectic lives. Instead of asking you to overhaul everything in the name of self-love, Sarah is going to encourage us all to take five or ten minutes a day to do something fulfilling. There is a difference between pleasure and fulfillment. When we get overwhelmed by life, we tend to seek pleasure as a way to numb ourselves to how tired we are. If we are doing more of what makes us feel loved and supported, we won’t get stuck in that cycle of burnout. Whether you think you have no time or no energy, Sarah has a solution that will help you get unstuck! 

No matter where you are on your journey of motherhood, you could use a little love today. Sarah is going to teach us to find the small moments and take advantage of them! It’s not as hard as you might imagine.

There’s a difference between pleasure and fulfillment.
— Sarah Argenal

Show Highlights:

  • Sarah uses a holistic approach to success and fighting burnout. 
  • Debunking the “Not Enough Time” Myth 
  • You can be more deliberate about how you live your life. 
  • Do a time audit! 
  • Spend more time on what fills you up. 
  • It’s scary to look closely at your time, but it’s the only way to reclaim it. 
  • What you can do when you have nothing left to give. 
  • Take five and ten minutes throughout the day to fill yourself up. 
  • When you hit a decision block, we get angry and cause conflict. 
  • You have an obligation to love yourself. 
  • We’ve been trained to look outside of ourselves for the answers. 
  • Be intentional and deliberate with how you want to feel and how you want your day to go. 
  • The best questions you can ask yourself to be more mindful. 
  • Get clear on your values and then have your actions match up with them. 

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More about Sarah:

Sarah Argenal is the Founder and CEO of the Working Parent Resource and Host of the Working Parent Resource Podcast. Sarah consults with burned out working parents to help them reduce stress, optimize their time, improve their relationships and escape survival mode for good. She has her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy and Adult Development and is a Certified Professional Coach with 20 years of experience in psychotherapy, coaching, college-level instruction, program development, and project management. Sarah lives with her husband and two little boys in San Diego, California.


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