Season 2 Episode 07: When Motherhood Means Trauma, Grief and Pain with Leslie Browning

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What happens when motherhood isn’t a happy memory, but a traumatic one? When a woman experiences a miscarriage, her memories of motherhood are tainted with grief, and it can often bring up other unpleasant memories along with it. It’s no small wonder that we don’t often hear stories about miscarriage, but I think that needs to change. Every woman is going to bear their grief differently and sometimes it’s in silence or isolation. Today, I wanted you to hear how one woman has learned to bear her grief after losing twins, and how she is using her story to help others heal so they don’t have to be alone like she was. This is the story of Leslie Browning, an accidental memoirist. 

After suffering from late-stage endometriosis, Leslie was told it would be nearly impossible to have children. She didn’t even know she was pregnant when she miscarried her twins and then told no one. Feeling her world start to crumble, she turned inward instead of out. The only way she knew to process her sadness was through written word. Those journal entries turned into a writing assignment that she then shared with classmates. Moved by her story, those classmates encouraged Leslie to keep sharing her story. It wasn’t long before Leslie’s words had grown beyond a simple school assignment, and her memoir was born! 

Leslie is going to share her story once again so that you can join the conversation around miscarriage. It’s not something we talk about every day, and so many women feel alone in their suffering. If you are a mother who has had a miscarriage, I hope you will tune into today’s episode. You do not have to suffer alone. Give yourself a little grace to grieve, and then to heal. Leslie will share how she managed it, but she also acknowledges that every woman is different. We will each have to learn how to carry our own sadness and move forward after tragedy. Leslie is going to help us get there. 

I had accepted the medical fact that I had a miscarriage, but I hadn’t accepted the loss yet. I was still running away from the life that could have been.
— Leslie Browning

Show Highlights:

  • Leslie shares how she became an accidental memoirist. 
  • In the memoir, Leslie tackles, endometriosis, miscarriage, and motherhood. 
  • How Leslie reacted to her miscarriage, and why it became her limit. 
  • The power of female friendship allowed Leslie to begin the healing process after her miscarriage. 
  • Why Leslie and her partner ended up splitting after the miscarriage.
  • Leslie's journey of realizing she was never going to 'let go' of her grief.
  • How to own your own suffering.

Leslie's Favorites:

  • Traveling and seeing something different. 
  • Collecting pens and books
  • Blankets
  • Cooking Shows and Food Network
  • Star Wars 

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L.M. Browning is an award-winning author of twelve books. In her writing, Browning explores the confluence of the natural landscape and the interior landscape. In 2010, she debuted with a three-title contemplative poetry series. These three books went on to garner several accolades including a total of 3 pushcart-prize nominations, the Nautilus Gold Medal for Poetry, and Foreword Reviews’ Book of the Year Award. She has freelanced for several publications and has a biannual interview column in "The Wayfarer" magazine in which she has interviewed dozens of notable creative figures such as Academy Award-Nominated filmmaker Tomm Moore, Peabody-winning host of "On Being" Krista Tippett and celebrated poet David Whyte. Balancing her passion for writing with her love of learning, Browning is a graduate of the University of London, a Fellow with the International League of Conservation Writers and sits on the Board of the Independent Book Publishers Association. In 2011, she opened Homebound Publications. She is currently working to complete a l.b.a. in Creative Writing at Harvard University’s Extension School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. visit her at


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