Season 2 Episode 05: Authentic Parenting in Spite of Trauma with Anna Seeward

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How do you learn to be a parent when you haven’t had an example to follow? Is it possible to overcome severe trauma and parent from a place of authenticity, kindness, and love? Today’s show answers these questions and more about commonalities in the world of parenting. We share the same challenges and hardships, and we all have something to overcome to “be better.”

My guest shares what it was like to lose her own mother in a tragic earthquake; she was only 13 when her life was turned upside down in Armenia. Although fears and doubts were overwhelming as she wondered what her parenting style would look like, she is parenting her young daughter with confidence, listening to her voice and her heart.

You need to heal yourself before you can effectively and authentically parent from the heart.
— Anna Seeward

Show Highlights:

  • As the mother of a “spirited and strong-willed 9-year-old,” Anna knows how hard parenting can be
  • 1988---the tragic earthquake that changed Anna’s life forever
  • How Anna found a passion to help orphans when she went to a camp in Russia—even though she was an orphan herself
  • Why Anna chose to become a psychologist to help children who are suffering
  • Anna’s fears and doubts around her role as a mother
  • The common challenges and hardships of motherhood
  • When Anna’s daughter was a newborn and she was all alone with no help or support
  • Tips for moms with “no mom” around to help them:
    • Find support that hears and understands
    • Know that the void in your heart will never go away
    • Allow yourself to grieve
    • Honor and share your emotions
  • How the common human experiences of pain and suffering connect us to each other
  • Treating children as equals in deserving dignity and having basic needs met
  • Establishing non-punitive discipline and setting limits with kindness and love
  • Healing the “disconnect” of our own wounds and traumas
  • Discovering your “parenting inheritance”
  • How parents share the same challenges, even though we have different stories and backgrounds
  • The ripple effect of sharing—and how it connects us to each other
  • The WHY behind every parental decision
  • Define your core values and don’t compare yourself to others
  • Listen to your voice, fine-tune it, and tap into your power
  • Tips to parenting with confidence:
    • Write down core values and parenting goals
    • Write down 5 things that make you an awesome parent TODAY
    • Be “process-oriented” 
  • Avoid hurtful things like judgment and criticism
  • Anna’s advice to a mom without a mom: “It can be very lonely and sad. It is hard. Explore it and learn. Allow yourself to grieve and view it as an invitation to heal your hurt.”

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Anna Seewald is the founder of Authentic Parenting®. She is a speaker, author and a parent educator. She also has a popular Podcast called Authentic Moments. She is a mom to a vibrant 9-year-old who doesn’t approve of her fashion choices. As a child, she survived through a severe earthquake but lost her mom. She has been through trauma, pain, and a lot suffering. With a strong passion helping children, Anna dedicated her life to working with abused, neglected, orphaned, institutionalized children and juvenile delinquents. After nearly 20 years, she realized that it is through helping parents she can help children. Today, she is supporting parents around the world by moving from traditional ways of parenting into more peaceful, conscious ways by making sense of their past life experiences, healing from trauma, building effective communication, practicing non punitive discipline and setting limits with love and kindness. She is a multilingual, multitalented person who loves dark roast coffee and dark chocolate with salted caramel.


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