Season 2 Episode 03: Practical Tips for Working Moms Seeking Balance with Sarah Argenal

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Work-life balance for working moms can feel impossible. Between burnout, little free time, and split priorities, working moms often feel alone in their struggle. Luckily, there are people like Sarah Argenal ready to support them. Sarah knows what it is like to feel overworked and under-prepared for motherhood. She always assumed that once she became a mom, her child would fit right into her thriving career at a competitive law firm. Sarah would soon learn that our kids have a way of changing our lives irreversibly, and she wouldn’t change a thing.

I am delighted to bring to you Sarah’s experiences and perspectives on working motherhood. In today’s episode, she offers up some incredible, practical tips that will make a difference for working moms at all stages of life. When you are a working mom, you have to juggle the balance between your family and your career. Sarah does not believe in the myth that working moms are always frantic and frazzled. If you are looking for encouragement or some easy first steps towards balance, this show is for you!

When I did make commitments to things, I was doing things that energized me, made me excited, and filled me up versus saying yes as a knee-jerk reaction.
— Sarah Argenal

Show Highlights:

  • Sarah loves to be a resource to working parents everywhere! 
  • She started Working Parent Resource as a way to help with time management, burnout, relationships, and more. 
  • Sarah is devoted to, and a little obsessed with, creating a life that is stable and secure. 
  • When Sarah realized something needed to change her work-life balance. 
  • Learn the common myths of the working mom. 
  • How Sarah managed to make some global changes to bring some peace back into her life. 
  • Sarah addresses some of the major concerns about scaling back. 
  • Why Sarah chose to not go back to work at the law firm and now works from home. 
  • How baby steps pave the way for bigger transitions. 
  • Small things you can do to get started on a better path. 
  • The best self-care is setting boundaries. 
  • Allow people in your life to be in the messy middle. 
  • Advice for moms about to head back to work. 
  • Get connected to excellent resources and support at Working Parent Resource!

Sarah's Favorites:

  • Hanging out with family
  • Massage
  • Snowboarding

Sarah’s Recommended Resources:

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More about Sarah:

Sarah Argenal is the Founder and CEO of the Working Parent Resource and Host of the Working Parent Resource Podcast. Sarah consults with burned out working parents to help them reduce stress, optimize their time, improve their relationships and escape survival mode for good. She has her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy and Adult Development and is a Certified Professional Coach with 20 years of experience in psychotherapy, coaching, college-level instruction, program development, and project management. Sarah lives with her husband and two little boys in San Diego, California.


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