Season 2 Episode 02: Building Families and a Thriving Business with Meg Brunson


Working Moms have a lot to juggle! Whether they go to work at the office, or work from home, finding that elusive work-life balance is a challenge. Today, I’m delighted to chat with not just a working mom, but a mama who runs her own business. Today's guest is Meg Brunson, a Phoenix-based Mom of 4 girls with a successful marketing business she built from the ground up. Meg brings a creative, entrepreneurial spirit to everything she does. Her vibrant enthusiasm is contagious, and I know you are going to enjoy all of her stories about pregnancy, motherhood, starting businesses, and failing a bit along the way. 

Meg sees success in her family and success in her business in a similar light. She chose a definition for success, rather than subscribing to someone else’s. Rather than try to exclude her family from her job, she brought them alongside her. The result is that her girls all have that same essence of knowing what it means to be an entrepreneur. Her 10 year old even started her first business last year! Meg has found that running her own business from home just made the most sense for her family and for her sense of purpose and passion. She has a lot of very practical tips to share today for all those moms looking to find a bit more work-life balance. Here’s a clue: it does not involve doing everything perfectly. 

Today, Meg is going to share life’s ups and downs with honesty, humor, and a healthy dose of reality. Meg has found a season in her life where she is successful, but she will be the first to tell you that not all days are perfect. What she is trying to do is model for her kids what it looks like to fail well. She encourages her daughters to forge their own path, and check their expectations at the door. Meg’s story is empowering and encouraging for anyone who might be starting a side hustle, or who need to be the primary breadwinner for their family. Working Moms do have their challenges, but Meg reminds us the rewards are worth all of that hard work! 

My kids are no less happy because there are dishes in the sink. Figure out what’s important, and don’t sweat the small stuff.
— Meg Brunson

Show Highlights:

  • Meg describes how she has built her business while raising four kids. 
  • Hear all about Meg’s extremely difficult pregnancies, and the impact it made on her future.
  • After deciding to leave her job to support her children, Meg started her own business from home. 
  • Meg strives for balance by including her kids in the family business. 
  • Meg shares how all kids pick up and understand so much. 
  • Hear the incredible story of her 10-year-old daughter’s first business. 
  • How Meg cultivates an entrepreneurial spirit in her daughters. 
  • How we need to teach our kids that it’s OK to fail. 
  • Meg had to give up control in order to balance work and life. 
  • Tips on trading services with other working moms to save a little money and outsourcing some responsibility. 
  • Meg’s practical tips for keeping your sanity as a working mom. 
  • Getting real about the kinds of comments that are hurtful to working moms. 
  • The best ways people helped and supported Meg along the way.

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Meg Brunson is a marketing mama raising kidpreneurs. A former Facebook employee, she now offers her expert advice through her Facebook Marketing Agency, EIEIO Marketing, while raising her 4 daughters in Phoenix, AZ. Meg's children are showing an interest in entrepreneurship, and her 10 year-old even launched her first business in 2017. Through the FamilyPreneur Podcast, Meg offers support and inspiration for other parent entrepreneurs searching for balance and hoping to strengthen their business and their families! Meg has had an entrepreneurial streak for years, but it was a unique and rocky pregnancy, which nearly took her life in 2013, that motivated her to leave traditional employment and jump into entrepreneurship with both feet. It was not easy. Money was tight and stress was high. But with an amazingly strong support network, and a lot of determination, she was able to bring her vision to life.


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