14: The Beauty of Motherhood in Non-Traditional Families with Chris Rose


Since this podcast is all about sharing stories of Motherhood from every perspective along the messy road, I am extra excited to have my guest, Chris, on the show with me today. Chris and her wife Charlotte are a same-sex couple with a three-year-old daughter. Chris’ perspective on relationships, pregnancy, family, and motherhood all come from her desire to educate the world about “nontraditional” families. Chris knows she’s different. As a non-binary queer woman, she knows you are going to be curious and be thinking a lot of questions. With openness and true vulnerability, Chris shares her messy and beautiful road to motherhood as the non-carrying partner of a same-sex relationship. 

Chris is not afraid of taking a risk. In fact, she and her then-girlfriend, now-wife went into business together after just 3 weeks of dating! The couple knew early on that they wanted a family. In fact, Chris was gung-ho for a great big extended queer family with one of their friends in the queer community as the sperm donor. After taking a risk and asking friends to become a sperm donor, Chris and Charlotte ended up trying a sperm bank. That wasn’t the only bump in the road after the financial and physiological problems Charlotte faced to conceive. Finally, in a moment Chris describes as magical, the couple found a friend willing to donate sperm, and the rest is a beautiful journey still unfurling. 

Above all else, Chris encourages you to enter into her story with an open heart and a curious mind. Her perspective is so necessary, and I can't wait for your to hear her story.

It really took over our whole life. Every conversation, every meal was about making this baby.
— Chris Rose

Show Highlights:

  • Chris didn’t think she would ever be monogamous, but Charlotte changed everything for her.
  • After moving to a new area without a strong queer community around them, they knew they didn’t have as many options for finding sperm. 
  • Why Chris and Charlotte ended up trying to use a sperm bank. 
  • How getting pregnant took over their lives. 
  • The cost of using a sperm bank. 
  • Creative solutions to infertility and financial problems. 
  • The amazing story of finding the right sperm donor. 
  • Chris talks about how her big amazing queer family works. 
  • How Chris has dealt with knowing she will not be able to carry a baby. 
  • All about the pregnancy process. 
  • Chris’ relationship of caretaking. 
  • The logistics of a friend donating sperm. 
  • What Chris hopes for non-queer people to know about raising a child. 
  • Own your curiosity and ask your questions. 
  • Chris’ best advice for expecting moms. 
  • Keep the narrative open. Focus on you as a couple as you are trying to conceive.

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Chris Maxwell Rose is a somatic sex educator, offering online courses and a weekly podcast at PleasureMechanics.com. She is a new mom, a trauma survivor, chronically ill and a full time business owner - so she knows that a great sex life isn’t always easy. She is dedicated to creating effective, efficient online resources to assist you in creating a more pleasurable and fulfilling sex life, on your own terms. Visit PleasureMechanics.com to get started for free.

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