13: Dealing with the Grief and Loss of a Miscarriage with Cori Aschkenas

Have you experienced the loss of a child through miscarriage? Unfortunately, it seems to be a fairly common part of the messy road of motherhood for so many women. My guest today went through this loss 20 years ago, yet the memories are raw and sharp. I’m happy to have my mother-in-law, Cori Aschkenas, here to share her story about the loss of her third child, Bryxanna.

Cori explains the impact of the loss and the recovery that followed her miscarriage. She offers advice about dealing with loss and grief, and what we can do to help those around us who experience this pain. Looking back, she tells us what she wished she could have told herself all those years ago. If you’ve gone through miscarriage or know someone who has, then you’ll appreciate the look inside the thoughts and feelings that can lead to healing and recovery.

I knew my body would have to heal, but I didn’t realize I’d go through the stages of grief.
— Cori Aschkenas

Show Highlights:

  • The differences in Cori’s pregnancies with her two sons, Jordan and Matthew
  • The complications, health troubles, and a marriage troubles that made Cori want to be done having children
  • The planned vasectomy that almost happened several times, but “wasn’t meant to be”
  • Getting her health and marriage back on track and getting pregnant with her third baby
  • At 14 weeks, a strange encounter with a friend’s dream and a sinking feeling that something was wrong with the baby
  • Late one night, Cori wasn’t feeling well, her water broke, and she began to miscarry
  • The details of the day she miscarried
  • How Cori handled grief in the days after the miscarriage
  • The experience of her sister and sister-in-law having babies just months after her miscarriage
  • After a few months of healing, Cori and Brian started trying for another baby, and conceived another daughter...on the same day the miscarriage occurred the year before
  • The heightened sensitivity that comes with the loss of miscarriage
  • How Cori uses her pain to bring comfort to others

Cori's Favorites:

  • Playing board games
  • Playing Rock Band
  • Spending time with her family

Cori's Recommended Resources:

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More about Cori:

Cori is almost 50 years old and happily married to her childhood sweetheart. She has 4 kids, 3 here and 1 in heaven. She is a grandma to one grandchild and is already looking forward to lots more grandkids 

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