11: Losing a Baby and Male Postpartum Anxiety with Sarah and Jordan Aschkenas

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I have been so grateful for the many Mothers who have already stepped up to the plate and bravely shared their heartaches and joys. It has been such a powerful thing to be a part of, and I knew it was the time I shared my story.

Today is my husband, Jordan, with me on the show. Together, we want to share our messy road to parenthood from multiple perspectives. The journey begins with discovering our first pregnancy was ectopic pregnancy. We go on to share about my trip to the ER, my emergency surgery, the birth of our son, Nathaniel, and my husband's postpartum anxiety. 

I am so proud of Jordan for stepping up and talking about the unique issues he faced throughout our Messy Road. Yes, this is a show about Motherhood, but I couldn’t imagine sharing my journey with all of you without my husband with me. This opportunity has allowed me to put into practice the inspiring honesty and vulnerability that has been modeled so far with my many amazing guests. 

I am ready to share my messy road with you, and it will help empower you to share your won story! 

I didn’t want to just have another pregnancy to essentialy try and make up for the first one.
— Sarah Aschkenas

Show Highlights:

  • Learn about my husband, Jordan, and a little bit more about me! 
  • Honesty was important for us when deciding to be parents. 
  • When Jordan realized something wasn’t going right with the pregnancy. 
  • We reflect on our experiences discovering that the pregnancy was in jeopardy. 
  • What exactly is an ectopic pregnancy?
  • The choices that surrounded our decision to try for a baby again after the loss of our first. 
  • Struggling with the fear that something could go wrong again. 
  • Our second pregnancy and the birth of our son, Nathaniel
  • I didn’t struggle with postpartum depression, but Jordan experienced postpartum anxiety. 
  • Jordan’s “symptoms” and stress were causing him non-stop anxiety. 
  • What made the biggest difference to us was the support from our friends and families. 
  • Jordan’s advice to men who might be struggling postpartum, and my advice for women dealing with pregnancy loss.
  • What we are currently loving.

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