10: Choosing Motherhood Through Adoption with Emylee Williams

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I’ve learned over the past 10 episodes that while every Mother’s story is different, there are always elements in each that you can connect to, and today’s story is no exception. I am delighted to have my friend Emylee Williams with me as we discuss her Messy Road to Motherhood. Having Emylee as a guest on the show is special, because her business, Think Creative Collective, was instrumental in giving me the push I needed to get this podcast going. It’s only fitting that I have Emylee here with me to encourage all the Moms out there who are going through the adoption process. 

In this episode, Emylee opens up about her struggles with infertility and her pursuit of adoption. We not only talk numbers when it comes to adoption but what that process looks like for those pursuing it. Adoption is no easy path, but Emylee will be the first one to tell you that it was worth all the uncertainty, stress, and emotional ups and downs to have her daughter, Penelope. This is a story of endurance, strength, and hope, and it is certainly one you do not want to miss!

Adoption is going to feel like a full-time job until you get settled.
— Emylee Williams

Show Highlights:

  • Emylee starts at the beginning of her journey to Motherhood. 
  • Adoption was always a part of the picture for Emylee and her husband. 
  • Dealing with the shock of knowing her body and her husband’s body were "broken". 
  • Where to begin when you’ve decided to adopt. 
  • The real costs of adoption and how to finance it. 
  • The hiccups, setbacks, and “maybe babies” that Emylee experienced. 
  • Handling the out-of-control elements of adoption. 
  • Having a nurse on her side was a huge gift for Penelope’s birth. 
  • Specific ways you can support adoptive parents. 
  • Emylee’s life-saving tips and tricks. 

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Emylee Williams is a productivity guru, wife, and momma. As a co-founder of Think Creative Collective, her goal is to help #HustleFrazzled business owners create systems, implement strategies, and crush their goals. If you want to catch up with Emylee you’ll need to head to the local coffee shop to find her (and make sure to buy her an extra shot). Otherwise she’s creepily watching her new baby sleep or posing her newest houseplant for an Insta-worthy gram.

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