08: Dealing with Motherhood Guilt and Shame with Kendalyn Banks


Have you been dealing with guilt and shame? How much of that was as a result of comparison? As moms, we are flooded with images and advice about what makes a “Good Mom,” and that often leads to insurmountable guilt and shame. That is why it is so important to share stories of all kinds, so we can banish some myths, and celebrate in common struggles. As we listen to our sisters share their stories, it opens us up to empathy and compassion.

Kendalyn Banks is here to share her story, and it is unique from many we’ve shared before. Kendalyn’s pregnancy was not planned, and it happened before she was married. That wasn’t exactly the plan. The roadblocks didn’t stop there. After longing to have a girl, Kendalyn was riddled with guilt when she initially did not want her baby boy. With a healthy dose of uncertainty about the future, lots of transition, and many triumphs along the way, Kendalyn has found a way to embrace Motherhood in all its forms and battle the guilt that she realized was a result of comparison. 


I think that listening to today’s episode will open the door for you if you are a woman dealing with guilt or shame in your circumstances. Perhaps your road to Motherhood wasn’t smooth traveling. Don’t stay confined to your guilt, and feel confident in your journey! 

Your feelings are real and valid; don’t undervalue them.
— Kendalyn Banks

Show Highlights:

  • Kendalyn shares how her different passions and interests have culminated in what she is doing now. 
  • How Kendalyns unexpected pregnancy derailed her plans, but she found support from her then-boyfriend, now-husband. 
  • Dealing with awkwardness, seasons of transition, and keeping the pregnancy a secret. 
  • Kendalyn shares her disappointment when the girl she hoped for turned out to be a boy. 
  • Hear how to navigate tough family matters when it feels like you’ve let them down.  
  • The Turning Point for Kendalyn when things started to shift. 
  • Managing mental health and motherhood. 
  • The role of patience in Kendalyn’s motherhood journey. 
  • There is power in being vulnerable, sharing your guilt, and learning how to be OK with your decisions. 

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Kendalyn Banks is a wanna-be mermaid, Lightworker, and Soul Proprietor of Sage & Sea Apothecary. She's a multi-passionate entrepreneur who believes in taking a holistic approach to self-care and offers natural products and sacred healing services that serve you in mind, body, + spirit. Kendalyn is on a mission to help disenchanted women rediscover how to live a full life by embracing who they are at their core with kindness and compassion. She works to empower women feeling lost, stuck, and overwhelmed by helping them reconnect to their intuition - that innate inner wisdom we each have but are often taught to turn off in favor of logical thinking. Through her Reiki healing services, guided meditations, spiritual workshops, and supportive natural products, Kendalyn helps women work through physical or emotional blocks no longer serving them so that they can step into their highest and best selves and live a life filled with magic and meaning.


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