07: Thriving in the Chaos of a Blended Family with Melissa Brown

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There’s no wrong way to have a family! That is why I am so excited to bring you a new perspective and experience to our show today. Motherhood looks a little different for all the Single Moms out there, and then sometimes re-marriage can lead to blending two families together. Between near-constant transitions, new sibling dynamics, and the inevitable chaos that follows, navigating blended families and co-parenting is anything but easy. My guest, Melissa Brown, is a woman who knows a thing or two about handling the chaos, and she does it all with grace. 

Melissa is the host of The Blended Family podcast, a show dedicated to supporting parents of blended families at all stages and ages. Melissa shares moments from her own journey to motherhood to empower and encourage other women who might be struggling. Today, Melissa and I will chat about her road to motherhood, how she handled separation, and what gave her the courage to enter into a new relationship after the split. If you are a Single Mom or a Mom in a Blended family, Melissa has some wisdom for you. Even if you are a Mom in the more “traditional” sense, Melissa has some great tips and advice for creating open line of communication in your family.  

Do not let fear hold you back from moving forward in your life.
— Melissa Brown

Show Highlights:

  • Melissa started her family early on, and after an uneventful beginning to her marriage, things began to fall apart. 
  • The difficult transition from being a stay at home mom to a working mom with her own business. 
  • The unique story of how Melissa found her current husband at McDonalds. 
  • How to decide when to tell the kids that their parents were together for the long haul. 
  • Melissa shares which challenges were a bigger struggle for her blended family. 
  • Mistakes are made, but they are not impossible to overcome. 
  • Melissa walks us through their Family Meeting. 
  • Don’t be afraid to enter into a relationship!
  • Tips for moving on after a difficult breakup. 
  • Our fun game of “This or That.” 

Melissa's Favorites:

  • Reiki and meditation

Melissa's Recommended Resources:

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More about Melissa:

Melissa is an entrepreneur of a successful cleaning business, and also the host of the Blended family podcast, a weekly show about the many challenges and struggles today's blended families face. Having a blended family of her own for over 10 years, she is now using that experience to help others. She lives with her husband, their four children, her mother in law, and three dogs. Melissa and her family currently reside in Florida.


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