05: The Non-Traditional Road to Motherhood with Dr, Angela Johnson

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Are you a “nontraditional” mom? Today’s story might just speak right to your soul. Dr. Angela Johnson is a Forensic Psychologist, podcaster, and a Mother who did not have an easy road to motherhood. She knew pretty early on that having children naturally was unlikely, and she married her partner much later in life. After trying IVF without success, Angela and her husband pursued adoption. 

After much personal sacrifice, Angela adopted her first son, Graham. The road didn’t stop with one for Angela. Five years after adopting her first, the family grew by one more in a rapid-fire adoption through the State. Since then, Angela has been balancing life as a working mom, an older mom, and an adoptive mom. It’s a perspective that is full of wisdom and insight that you do not want to miss. Join us today as Angela shares her inspiring story! 

A lot of Mothers think they will have these feelings of bliss…and then you have a child and the bliss isn’t there.
— Dr. Angela Johnson

Show Highlights:

  • Angela shares how her perspective on adoption has always been positive.
  • Beginning the road to motherhood later in life presented its own set of challenges. 
  • IVF is an intense medical procedure, and Angela shares all the details. 
  • Understanding the differences with open versus closed adoption. 
  • How adoption is an expensive and emotional process. 
  • How motherhood can affect your mental health. 
  • Hurtful comments about adoption and helpful advice for those pursuing it. 

Angela's Favorites:

  • Wine
  • Traveling
  • Cooking
  • Raising her 6 chickens

Angela's Recommended Resources:

  • Reading books about adoption to your children

Connect with Angela:

More about Angela:

Dr. Angela Johnson is a licensed clinical psychologist. In her practice Dr. Johnson conducts forensic risk assessments and provides expert witness testimony to the court in criminal and civil matters. She also has a provides testing and assessment and psychotherapy. In addition to her work as a psychologist, Dr. Johnson has been a guest lecturer and professor at Roger Williams University. She is currently writing a book on the marriage of mindfulness and motivation in creating lasting change. Dr. Johnson hosts a weekly podcast called Chasing the Mind, which explores the art and science of psychology. From her kitchen table, Dr. Johnson brings listeners into informed, yet informal discussions of topics ranging from LARPing, and Wonder Woman to the challenges of invisible disabilities and social injustice. Dr. Johnson lives in Quincy, Massachusetts with her husband Kevin, and their sons Graham and Daniel. She is also mother to Barkley (a 104 pound Labradoodle) and six chickens.


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