04: Raising Bi-Racial Kids + The Loss of a Child with Stephanie Lewis


Today I am delighted to share with you a story of love, fear, triumph, and endurance. This is Stephanie Lewis’ Messy Road to Motherhood. Stephanie and I have been friends for at least 15 years, and we both have had our fair share of messes on our road to motherhood. Stephanie’s unique perspective on Motherhood began when she had her first son, L.J. As an interracial family, Stephanie knew her children would have a different look on life as people of color than she would as a white woman. Her experiences of racism even within her own family set the stage for her ongoing journey as a Mama to biracial children.

    Soon, she became pregnant with her second child, Selah, right on track with her plan for a Summer baby. Her plans ended, however, when that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. What followed was a path filled with fear, but a determination to overcome her grief. Quickly after her miscarriage, she became pregnant with her twins and delivered them at full term…but even the journey to meeting her twins was full of twists and turns! Stephanie has such a fun and grace-filled outlook on life and motherhood that you do not want to miss. Her experiences speak to how scary, but also how rewarding motherhood can be. It is clear that her strength is a source of light for everyone around her, and it will be for you too! 

I don’t know what I expected, but being a mom surpassed all of that.
— Stephanie Lewis

Show Highlights:

  • Stephanie shares how her journey to motherhood began. 
  • Turning points for Stephanie and her family. 
  • Her experiences with racism as an interracial family.
  • What happens when life’s plans take an unexpected turn. 
  • Stephanie’s journey through her miscarriage. 
  • Coming out of grief and beginning again after a loss. 
  • Transitioning from being a Working Mom to a Stay at Home Mom. 
  • Hurtful comments and helpful thoughts that Stephanie experienced. 

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I am a wife to a dark and handsome man, a mama to a spirited three-year old boy and sweet one-year old boy/girl twins. I love Jesus and pray my children grow closer to Him as they see me pray for grace and ask for forgiveness as I wade through this new SAHM life. I love being in our well-lived in home, spending time with the hot-mess express of our #lewis3ringcircus, and shopping at Aldi. And few things fill my soul with more joy than being around people of other cultures.


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